“There is no true guide on how to begin your life. In the world we live in, there are only suggestions based off opinions & experiences from others. You don’t wake up & know your purpose for living immediately. Or know the path you should take that is truly best for you.”

“And thus bring Volition…..”

As a child, you are always told who to listen to, where to go, what to do & how to do it, so it can all grow with you. But once the life of a child fades away, you enter a life where all of those things are a choice to you.

No more holding one’s hand when crossing the street as that is a choice. As a child, you were taught to always look both ways when you cross the street. But that also becomes a choice.

Do you always look both ways before you cross the street? Or do you look both ways while crossing the street?

Do you walk along the crosswalk? Or do you jaywalk?

Simple choices such as those can define the type of person you are & the path that you may follow.

Looking both ways before you cross the street is a sign of awareness & patience. You carefully observe the area & do not progress until it is genuinely safe to progress. But could there be such thing as being too patient?  Walking along the crosswalk is a sign of caution. For as the crosswalk was designed as a direction for pedestrians to walk across traffic to the next area. People know not to have their car interfere with it as they pass by which makes it a safe path to follow.

Looking both ways while crossing the street is a sign of awareness yet impatience & gamble. There was a method to crossing the street in which was meant to increase your safety & survival. Yet, when you begin walking into the street, you are not fully aware of your surroundings right away. No planned strategy. You play a gamble with yourself by constantly having to look both ways & all around you to make sure the way is clear. The eyes could deceive you for the slightest bit of time having you think the way is clear & then ultimately realizing that it is not or never was clear to begin. You could succeed or you could fail.

But you are also a multi-tasker.

“Jaywalking” they call it, where you have zero regards for your own safety just to get by. Impatience & gamble yet again. Not you or the people driving are safe. You expect to get across the street yet do not care how it gets done which allows other factors to hinder your attempt to reach your destination. Yet, the sign of an opportunist comes to play. You don’t wait for a chance to proceed, you make one & you take it without question. Yet, you don’t consider the effect of taking an opportunity made by you than an opportunity given to you. Both may have different outcomes. Perhaps even the potential for life or death.

You never realize just how much control you have over your own destiny until you discover the ability to use your mind at will. The way you think, the way you operate, the way you decide what will apply to you & what will not, will all contribute to your destiny.

Yet, do you believe that you can change your destiny at any time? Or do you believe that not matter what you do, it will remain the same in the end?

Such being, if you choose to walk different paths, do you believe that you will return to the path you first saw? The one you turned away from & doubted any progress being made if it was chosen? Or will that path never be seen again only to have you filled with regret for not choosing it?

But thats the thing. How would you know if the path you choose is part of your destiny? How do you know if its the right one & not the wrong? What if all goes well until a certain point? What if all goes terrible until a certain point? Or what if there is a cliff that you didn’t see & you fall to the end of time? Perhaps the moment you walk a path your destiny is already set for success or failure.

There are many guides to teach you how to live. But are there the same amount that teach you how to survive? How to determine what your destiny is by your state of mind? What your mind is set to will always dictate behavior which represents the person outside of it.

Only then when you truly discover what the mind is capable of will you understand how the choices you make can & will affect your life positively or negatively.

Choose wisely…




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