“What began as a dream was soon taken into reality. The passion for technology has always been & always will be a part of me. Ever since elementary school, my interest in computers has reached an all-time high & maintains its level. From the moment I began using computers to just play games, to having discovered the limitless potential one has at the palm of their hands when it comes to dealing with such an extraordinary device. But I will say that my uncle, whom I love so dearly, is the man responsible for my desire to strengthen my skills with them. The man who built his very own multiple times. To achieve something like that would forever be embedded in my brain.”

“And thus brings the Ascension…..”

I remember the day I received my first computer. A small beginner computer that was only good for just web browsing. I believe this was around 5th grade. My desire was to strictly play games but would be severely limited because of how low-end the system was. “Low-end” meaning its rather slow performance to do such a thing. Though, while I was always grateful to have a computer of my own, the desire of wanting a better one would always grow.

About roughly two years later, I bought my step-mother’s old computer¬†off from her with the allowance I saved up as she had no use for it anymore. It was certainly a step up from the previous. It would be able to somewhat handle itself when it came to gaming, but the computer itself was not designed to do so. Yet, I would never have thought that computer & I would be on a long journey together.

6 years I should say. 6 whole years of innovating, repairing, & learning. It was like taking care of a car. I think I even gave her a name. “Uvena” I believe. While she was not high & mighty like other computers, she always held her own despite being roughly a 10 year old computer. I would find myself learning ways to make her faster & stronger such as upgrading her with RAM, a graphics card & such. But because of how old of a model she was, there was only so much I could only do. The times where I thought she was a goner, she always found a way back. But her age would eventually give out. Despite all the attempts made to save her, it would soon be time to put her down.

When I realized she was on the verge of defeat, that was when I received the urge & motivation to make my dream of building a computer into a reality. It was time to kick things up a notch & start gathering the parts needed. Each paycheck I received, I slowly bought each piece by piece. Not to mention being incredibly mindful of staying within a budget range & not blowing all my money on the most expensive parts. Sure I carried the desire for gaming, but I prefer optimal than maximum in this case especially being under a budget.

As the pieces came together, I gathered them & assembled them each until it was finally completed. It only took about 3 weeks if I recall. And when the lights & sounds came on, I was almost ready to tear up. I could not believe that I made all of this possible. But the one up above deserves all the credit without a doubt.  When I was lost in the dark, he revealed to me a path to the light.

Uvena meet Uvena Mk. II

It was just such an amazing sight to see. I had finally done what I dreamed to do for so long. I was immensely proud of myself for truly pursing my dream rather than sit & dream about it all day without taking action. It was unfortunate that it took for the death of Uvena to give me the juice I needed to make this happen.

However, I was soon to realized what I had really just done for myself. And that was opening the doors to a new journey. With Uvena Mk. II assembled & ready, her high-end status created new opportunities. There was certainly more that I could do than just gaming. Such as being able to multi-task which was something I loved to do on computers.

My uncle had a dual-monitor set up so I figured why not have one as well. Thats when I started getting a little creative with things. Not to mention also having a growing desire to live stream video games. Presentation is something that matters to me so I figured why not get decorative with my set. It looked so beautiful & it kept me satisfied for quite a while. That was, until the creative mind sparked once again.

Relax, it is only water!

A more “studio-like” approach was what I found in my mind. A nice little HD camera with a fancy microphone to further improve the style of my set as well as revealing the man with the plan. Maybe even a new desk & a third monitor? Why not!

That view does not disappoint at all. Things are certainly heating up. There is just so much I am looking forward in getting into. Trust & believe you can make anything possible with the right state of mind & determination!


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