The Legend Begins….

“It all starts with a vision, a dream, a purpose one would say. It is what keeps you in this world. Without it, you would be nothing more than a lifeless vessel. But that is not what we were intended to be. That vision creates the journey. And that journey creates who you are.”

“And thus, the legend begins….”

Who am I? I am human just like you. I come with the same necessities to life as you do. I come from a family, I breathe, & I bleed the same to. We have eyes that don’t lie, ears that never disappear, a mouth to let about, and so much more.  You are just now meeting me & we already have a lot in common. However, that is no surprise. You & I are part of one race in this world. Being part of this race brings us closer than you think. Yet, of course even though you & I are part of the same race, we are still distinctly different. We may both breathe but maybe you breathe differently. Maybe I see differently than you do. Maybe you hear differently than I do. Maybe our words are spoken differently. What about our appearance? You could be lighter, or darker, bigger, or smaller. All these differences between us yet we are still connected.

But who am I really?

Well to start, I am someone that breathes in positivity. Someone that sees the better of things. Someone that hears the things that some ignore. Someone that is constantly learning how to adapt to an ever changing world. Someone that still has much to learn about life. Someone that has faults, makes mistakes, & learns from them. Is that not something we all do? Even with all these similarities we share, who I am is simply one thing: nobody.

Well, to you I am nobody. I would not blame you for thinking so. I do not consider myself more special or better than anybody. No human is more superior than another. No life is greater than another. I do not wish to become better, which is what seems to be the typical desire. No I do not wish to be better. Being “better” to me feels like a competition against one another. Why are we in competition against each other if no human is more superior than another? How does things such as appearance or knowledge make someone better than someone? Physique or speed? No I do not want to become better, I want to become….unique.

Being average is nothing special at all. It is bland. Why settle for the basic when you can go above & beyond? To be custom & create a path nobody would have thought could be created. To be the one that separates from the average crowd & stands out as “different” in more ways than one. That was what I was always taught as a child. You may see me as a nobody right now, but later you’ll know me as a somebody that is not a nobody.


“Life is all about it. Its inevitable but constant. We grow in many ways than one. Physically, mentally, spiritually, & […]

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